Professional Development for the new AP CS Principles


It’s official. I am teaching CS Principles next fall. I’m 100% on board with as our curriculum but I am scouring the Internet looking for any teacher PD local to socal. Budget is very limited but I can’t find any workshops, institutes or conferences to attend.

Does anyone have an intel on PD for CS Principles?

Thanks in advance



Hi Joe, There are few organizations that are hosting and supporting new AP CSP teachers. has a PD opportunity at Check out twitter #whoteachesCS, #teachCS and College Board AP CSP Forum. - Linda


I agree with Linda, I would contact directly and ask for some help. There was a conference that I wanted to go, after one fell through, they hooked me up with another. There is “free” training in IN this summer if you are out this way.


Hi Joe. Exciting to hear! Check out


Thanks so much! My district is not a “partner” at this time so I have signed up for the waitlist. Fingers crossed!