Building a network of CSP Teachers and Advocates on Twitter

Hi All,

I am really getting into sharing what is happening in my classroom on Twitter and learning from other teachers on Twitter as well. I have a pretty good set of teachers for math, but would love to be better connected to CSP teachers. Is anyone out there tweeting about CSP in their classroom (or nationally)? Is there a group of teachers who are
tweeting and also piloting’s curriculum?

Twitter: @Kaitie_Obryan

Kaitie, I just set up a twitter for school, find me at @MMU_Wright. Have you found others that are good to follow? Especially for CSP? Please share!

I just created a list of teachers teaching CSP on twitter (it also includes some other CSP folks as well). Right now I am just following the apcsp and #APCSPfirstweek tags to see who pops up! I will be tweeting things out this year as part of #teach180 (where you tweet out one thing from you classroom each day - approx 180 days). I know the Math Twitter Community has been HUGELY effective at making connections between teachers - it would be great if the CS teacher community could be represented on twitter as well!

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Hi, all. I am @TG_Neil on Twitter. I have an active IFTTT recipe that is collecting users that use the apcsp I have made sure that you both are on the list. Here is a link to that list.

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That’s a great idea! Thanks for doing that!

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