Teaching CSP online/hybrid

I have an educator who’s going to be teaching CSP online with one in person meeting per week. He is wondering if anyone has found any ways of doing this effectively, especially the unplugged and collaborative activities. I saw an old post from @brook about this but not really any content. Any help/resources you can share would be helpful! TIA.

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I would also like to know the answer to this! @jpudaloff
Could you share what platform they are using to teach this online?

@clake @rclang1 I would love to re-open this conversation on online teaching!

I think that was me that you saw @jpudaloff . I posted something on that old thread @brook back in June.

I have been forging ahead with the adapting. My school uses Brightspace as our LMS. I can create links in our LMS to google docs that don’t take the user to google docs but instead display the google doc within our LMS. This way I can keep track of student login times in the lesson. My strategy has been to create lessons in my google drive using the awesome lesson plans and resources from code.org and then link them in our LMS.

My biggest challenge so far has been finding a way to do many of the Internet Simulator lessons in an online environment. I know some of the activities I can do in our weekly synchronous sessions but that isn’t really enough time or frequency to do all of those lessons. I have defaulted to a plan of having students either get a friend or family member to be the other person in the Internet Simulator or using a dummy account I created and the student being both users in the Simulator.

Any suggestions for that issue in particular or in general teaching the course online?

Sure @mpeplinski he is using Schoology

Thank you! Is there an actual course that they imported in to schoology?
It looks like the Brightspace person @clake is only just uploading google docs.
I am wondering if there are any AP CS P courses that have been imported in to an LMS. And then combining it with Code.org CSP curriculum.

Do you know if there are rules or protocols with using the code.org curriculum on our own LMS systems? Can I have links, movies embedded etc? If you don’t know, do you know who I could talk to?

Would you consider giving me your email so that I can ask you specific questions?

Sure, you can reach me at clake@idahova.org.

I teach AP CSP online using Code.org’s curriculum and Schoology for my LMS. I supplement with a few outside sources like Blowm to Bits And have “live” meetings once a week online (last year I used Join.me, this year, I’ll use Zoom). There are some unplugged activities that I adapt or skip, but generally this has worked really well for me and my ~25 homeschooled students. I’m happy to chat too.

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Thank you so much! I have some pretty specific questions regarding what I am allowed to post on my LMS course page. Do you put direct links to code.org curriculum? Just wondering your take on that!
If I can email you, that would be great!

@rclang1 could you share your email with me? :slightly_smiling_face: