Is anyone using CSP 20-21 in a distance learning and flipped classroom approach?

I’m setting up a course using CSP 20-21 in a pure virtual and distance learning environment. Because I want my weekly virtual classroom session to be all about mentoring and consulting, I’m using a flipped-classroom approach. I’m also applying gamification to the course.

Would anyone like to have a discussion about trying this model? I’m pretty sure I’m doing the right things, but it’s always nice to have other perspectives. My course goes live on August 10, 2020. I’m happy to host a zoom session. Feel free to reach out to me at THANKS!


I would definitely be interested in doing a Zoom. This will be my first year teaching CSP and I am guessing we may be doing distance learning sporadically throughout the year so I would like your insight.

I sent my email to the address listed. Things are quite fluid on our end, so hopefully there will be more answers for dates in time to assist you.