Pilot Experience and Virtual Instruction Thoughts

Hi everyone! I was a part of the pilot group of teachers that taught the 20-21 curriculum last year. I taught it as an AP class at a rural high school in Maine with 25 students enrolled. This was my third year teaching CSP overall. When we went to remote learning last year, my school decided to take a two week break from any instruction right off the bat. Following that break, my school gave teachers freedom as how they wanted to structure their classes (synch/asynch) with encouragement to include as much asynch as possible. For my AP CSP class, I had two synchronous meetings a week with two “assignments” done asynchronously each week. Because of the break and the timing with the AP exam, I spent most of my time working on getting my students ready for and completing the AP performance tasks. As far as using the new curriculum for the fall, I anticipate having to make some of my own materials to help transition some of the activities to a digital setting. For CSP, I intend to utilize as much synchronous time with my students as I can, given the schedule our school puts out, because I find it important for building community with my class. I also anticipate using the slide decks heavily and removing some of the answers/solutions and having students submit their answers asynchronously for formative assessment to best use our synchronous time together. I’d be happy to answer any questions or discuss anything further!

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