Need Pacing Advice

My site has gone to 100% online a/b block where I will see my students for 45 minutes of “live” instruction and 35 minutes of “asynch” assignments every other day.

  1. Is it reasonable to do one lesson live, and one for hw for each day of class?
  2. Should I go “out of order” to do the more complicated of the two as the live lesson, should the scenario arise?
  3. I know there are no good answers here, but does anyone have advice about which lessons I could more easily combine to have more live time with the students?
    -A Little Lost

@samantha.bolin Thanks for asking this question. I know that many other teachers have similar pacing questions this fall. The activities, help our students to understand the concepts for each lesson. So I’d focus on the activities during each live lesson. I’d also look at the lessons and see where your students can do Asynchronous activities (i.e. concept videos, checks for understanding, some lessons with the widgets and the two day project).
If you are not teaching this course as an AP course, you have lots of flexibility the modify the course to your situation. However, if you are, I would recommend recording yourself teaching some lessons for Async. I would love to hear other thoughts from the community. Be sure to check out the Modifications for Virtual and Socially Distanced Classrooms [ here ]. I hope these suggestions gives you a starting point.

I have a similar situation. I’m teaching AP CSP for the first time, and we are all virtual on Zoom. I have the students for two 80 minute blocks per week, plus every other Wednesday for 50 minutes. However, we are only required to teach 30 minutes synchronously each time, and I’m inclined to stick with about 50 minutes or so of live teaching per day. This is because Zoom is extremely tiring for me, and gives me headaches. I think this may be true for a lot of my students, too. So I need to find out which lessons or parts of lessons are best done synchronously vs. asynchronously. I see you have suggested concept videos, cfus, widgets, and the two day project for asynchronous work. I know about the first two, but the second two I’m unfamiliar with. Can you suggest other specific ways to make this work to save us all from Zoom fatigue? Thanks!

Hi @erogers,

Not sure if I understand your question, but each lesson includes modifications at the top with suggestions on how to do that specific lesson asynchronously, synchronously, or with social distancing. Perhaps if you go with the asynchronous option, that would avoid Zoom (which I presume is involved with synchronous options)?


Hi Frank,

Thanks for your reply. I realize that each lesson has synchronous and asynchronous options. What I meant was, which lessons are better done live vs. independently? For example, lesson 7 in unit 1 seems like the students would be able to do it on their own with no problem. But lessons 12-13 definitely need to be done live in breakout rooms. I think I have it figured out for Unit 1 now, and I have it all planned out. I could use help on future units as to which lessons are typically easier for students to grasp on their own.

Thanks again,


I just came here looking for suggestions as well. We’re all online but only meet for 30 minutes each day over Zoom. It feels like it’s taking forever to get through these lessons. Maybe I’m not giving enough independent work.

This is my first time teaching the course using the program. How much flexibility is there with time? Is there room in the schedule for me to move a bit slower or do I need to pick up the pace?

Any help/suggestions appreciated!


If you are teaching this as an AP Class, then you need to be cognizant of the deadlines from the College Board. The Create PT will be due at 11:59PM Eastern Time on April 30,2021. The AP CSP Exam is set for Thursday, May 13, 2021 at 8AM. You will need to complete Unit 8 before the April 30th deadline and the rest of the curriculum by May 13th. The curriculum is 125 lessons at 45 mins per lesson. That ends up to be 94 hours but it is hard to split up a lesson between classes and keep it to 45 minutes total. I would suggest taking the pacing guide from the Curriculum Guide and the College Board dates and lay out a plan to get there.

I’m just getting in on this discussion because I’m only teaching this course during Q2 and Q4. How have things been panning out for those who have severely limited time? I will only have ~70 total hours with students before the AP exam, and am very anxious about where to even begin. Are people planning on just skipping certain lessons (how are you deciding?) or doing all lessons somehow cut down to their bare-bones essentials?

I am in need of pacing advice too- I’m in the same boat. Only teaching this course Q2 & Q4… I’m wondering if anyone is willing to share their calendar?
Thank you!