Pacing Calendar 2021 or 2022 version of CSP

There used to exist a really helpful tool under “Teacher Resources” that allowed the user to choose block schedule, 55 minute daily, etc. and pace the CSP course. I might be looking in the wrong place but can’t find it this year.

Can someone help me out on this? If no tool exists any longer, is there a pacing chart/guide available that I can pass on to teachers with different school schedules?


There this a thread that has some advice on how to approach pacing in general here . The curriculum guide on page 31 presents some excellent advice on how group lessons and activities. The project lessons can be done asynchronously which will help with meeting your goals of covering the concepts. I do not recommend skipping any lessons. Doing so will not adequately prepare your students for the exam.

Just walking through the training. Two blue buttons to the right of “Teacher Resources” in a Unit is “View Calendar”. Enter # of instructional minutes per week. I was hoping to enter 400 (we have 80minutes per day, x5 days/wk), but the options jump from 225 to 450.


Perfect! Thank you. I swear it wasn’t there before but then I could have missed it. Either way, this is really helpful. Have a great school year!