Pacing guide 2017-2018


Does anyone have a pacing guide for this course? or know where one is located? I am teaching this for the first time and am starting to panic.


Hi Kathryn,

Welcome to the club! A lot of people are in the same boat as you this year (and everyone was there just last year!). Check out page 7 of this Curriculum Guide to get a rough idea of how long each unit should take - you can see how many weeks each unit will take in teal on the side. Keep in mind, this is roughly assuming 5 hours of instruction a week, so you might need to adjust based on your school’s calendar or schedule.

Hope this helps!


AP CSP Timeline landscape.docx (280.6 KB)

I have also found this timeline to have been pretty accurate last year.



Thank you guys so much for your quick response! I am in panic mode and just seeing someone had replied gave me some ease. Thank you so much for sharing this information with me.


Great idea! Thanks for sharing.


Also, the curriculum guide has a whole pacing section starting on page 28.

For at-a-glance stuff there is also the calendar-y thing on the unit overview pages at


They look like this:


I run an AB block schedule so we have 90 minute periods so we have to combine every third lesson. Here is a link to my pacing guide for the upcoming year based on how long it actually took to do each lessons. I generally work backwards from test date.

CSP Pacing Guide 2018

Pacing Calendar
Curriculum Mapping for Block Schedule

Thanks for sharing this. There are a lot of teachers on block schedule who will find this useful.



Thanks for sharing your pacing doc. We also run a block schedule in my school, so I am referencing your pacing as I go. Just a quick question, you sometimes have 2 lessons a day. For example, you’ve got 1.10 Routers & Redundancy and 1.11 Packets & Reliability on Sep.14. Were you be able to cover everything in curriculum for both lessons a day? Or did you pick things to cover from both lessons in a day?
This is my first year teaching AP CSP, so I am a little nervous whether I am covering enough or not. At the same time, I am a little behind compare with your pacing, and so I would like to skip/combine any lesson if it makes sense.

Thank you,

Teaching AP CSP in a 4x4 block

@mhwatts Thanks for sharing your pacing guide. I could have used it last school year. I have planned to combine a few lessons into one this school year. @yjang When I combine two lessons, I focus on the activities for both. I have 75 minutes per class so I split the activities into two halves of the class. I then scaffold the goals of both lessons into a discussion and reflection with the students. I have ;earned to focus on the activities for the lessons. When you see that the students have reached the activity goal, move on to the next activity.


Hi Terence. I hope all is well. I was reading your post and you offered some great tips. I have that same amount of class time and I’m unsure as to how it will work. Are you doing this as a year long course or semester? I am teaching this for the first time and would love to know if you have a pacing guide you don’t mind sharing so that I can better gauge the lessons for my class. I hope that you have an awesome year!


Hi! I"m new to this as well and in panic mode! As I understand my schedule at this point I have to teach CS principles in just 1 semester …how do I condense an entire years curriculum into 4 months?! Any advice on what to keep and what to leave out?? Help!