Pacing Guide and/or Curriculum Guide

Is there a Pacing Guide for APCSA?

@jchamberlain great question! Can you explain a bit more about what you are looking for? A “pacing guide” can look like SO MANY different things! :slight_smile:

In our curriculum guide, we have a “course at a glance” page 5 and page 61 is intended to help teachers like you determine what pacing will look like in your classroom.

We also have the “calendar view” on each unit to help you determine what content should be covered in a week given your school schedule. (see image below)

Hope that helps!

That is exactly what I was looking for.

Thank you so much!

On the topic of pacing, I’m getting the feeling from students that the pacing of this course is a bit fast. But in considering this I don’t see how I can finish the entire curriculum before the AP test if I slow down.

I added up the school days on the calendar leading into the AP CS A test and we have 145.5 days. There are 140 x 45 minutes lessons in the AP CS A curriculum on if you cover all 9 units. The margin of error here is small and doesn’t leave a lot of additional time to slow down on particular concepts if needed.

Any recommendations?



@jmethvin - I totally empathize with you. I too find myself rushing at times to get through a lesson in 45 minutes. I have decided to pair-down the warm up for most lessons. I also post some slides as a lesson preview to give students some background for what we will cover in class.
I hope that helps.

@jmethvin someone asked a similar question here. You can read a response there too about timing. Hope that helps!

Thanks so much @kaitie . That post is really helpful.