Pacing guide for CS principles 20-21

Hi all,

Is there a pacing guide available for the new curriculum 2020-2021? Thanks much and appreciate any help or insight.


There is a pacing guide on page 3 of the Curriculum Guide

I believe that the total number of days is 125. I just did some quick addition from page 2 of the Curriculum Guide that gjschmidt references. I need to complete the course by Jan 22, so for me that means I need to do double-lessons three or four times per week. The key thing is to leave enough time for the Performance Task, because that’s a mandated 12 hours. In these uncertain times, I would rather get ahead of schedule and perhaps have extra days at the end!

@will_wright - 125 lessons is correct. All the lessons are designed to take 45 minutes so for a normal schedule that would 125 days (we are on 90 minute blocks so I cover 2 lessons each day). Unit 8 in the curriculum is the Create PT so the 12 hours is actually built into the “18 lessons” shown for Unit 8 on page 2. You don’t need to add that time.

Yes, I understand… but it is the one activity that you can’t compress, so I always over-allocate days for it in case there is a snow day!