2022 pacing how far are you in your course?

I am curious if I am keeping up with the course and deadlines for this year. I am currently in Unit 7 lesson 6. Does this seem about right?

Hi Ryan, you are asking a great question and I would love to hear from other teachers too! I think that your timing is perfect. My students just finished Unit 7 and we are beginning the discussion of Create Performance Task tomorrow.

One of the first pages of the Curriculum Guide estimates how many days to spend on each lesson. At my school, classes meet every other day for 90 minutes, so we cover 2 lessons a day most of the time. If all goes according to plan, we’ll finish the curriculum with several days to study for the exam. I think you are on the same track.


Thanks for the response, I also teach 90 minutes every other day. Sounds like we are on a similar timeline and on track for the project/exam date. I do not have another tech teacher at my school, so it is nice to get some feedback.

I also just finished Unit 7 and am beginning the post unit project and test. I few days behind where I planned because of the snow storm that swept through the midwest. I teach a standard schedule meeting for about 55 minutes 5 days a week,

We had no internet for the first month and a half of school… coupled with covid… we’re pretty far behind. We begin Unit 5 next on 2/28.
I’m looking for input as well as to how I should pick up the pace.

I was told to skip Unit 5’s hackathon, Unit 6, and Unit 7’s Libraries.

What does everyone else think?