Where is everyone at right now?

Curious were everyone is in their pacing. I am at the start of Unit 2. I feel like I have been flying through this year, but I am about a week behind compared to last year. So it goes I guess.

Hey @Mr.Rhodes! Thanks for posing this question! It’s nice to hear from others about their pacing. I started school August 16th and as of this posting 6 weeks into school, Sept 27th, I am on U2L6 Variables.

Started Aug 11th on a block schedule. We are doing the project U3L10 tomorrow. Early on was slowed down with bugs in the curriculum. But I have my process down to email support@code.org for corrections to lesson content, assessment questions, missing code, etc. Support has been very responsive, though it takes a few days for changes to take effect on the web site.

Petal to the metal!

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I am wrapping up unit 2 this week, and assessing early next week. I anticipate needing to slow things down when we get to Unit 3 and 4, and plan on completing through unit 4 before winter break.

We will then come back and I plan on completing units 5 and 6 in the 3rd quarter, before about March 16 when our spring break begins.

Units 7 and 8 have bigger projects with more time built into the units to complete them. So, while I like that approach, what I did last year and my plan for this year is to cut those parts out and save the projects for after the AP exam. So, I will go on a quicker pace through Units 7, 8, and Unit 9’s AP review before the exam. I then have the projects for work after the AP exam until our school is out just before Memorial Day.

How are others doing with pacing?



I will be teaching U2L2 and 3 today. I have a block-ish schedule where I see students for 65 minutes every other day for the full year. We started school the last week of August.


I finished the week with U2L4. We started the second week of August.