Pacing Guidance - New curriculum AND maternity leave

Hello, world!

I am teaching this curriculum for the first time next fall (Sept 2022) but I will also be on maternity leave through Thanksgiving. I plan on recording video demonstrations over the summer once the '22-'23 curriculum is fully released as I have no idea what the capabilities of my long-term-sub will be. This is the first time AP CS will be offered at our district.

I have used’s calendar break-down (225 minutes per week) and mapped it out with our school calendar and I still end up with a little more than a month without lessons before the AP CSP exam in May.

I am sure that once I am back in person I will be able to be more flexible and gauge what lessons will need to be stretched out longer than the curriculum lists, but until then I am concerned about pacing.

The Question: Are there any lessons - especially in Units 1-4 - that you feel required more time than was suggested by the curriculum that I should work into my long-term-sub plan?

I also suggest taking a look at the asynchronous stuff created during the pandemic (click on the “lesson modifications” section at the top of the lesson) this may give you some of the tools you need without reinventing the wheel!

I’m in a similar boat to you, but my maternity leave starts in October. I do not know who my long term sub will be, and will rearrange the curriculum so that my students will do the non-programming pieces with them. Someone posted an interactive journal, at some point and I am modifying it using the asynchronous mods like madeline_r_burton recommended. You can see an example here. It’s still a work in progress.

If you are going to follow the order of, then I have made the following lessons fit the 90 min block I teach:

  • Unit 1 Lesson 11: Intellectual Property
  • Unit 2 Lesson 6: HTTP & DNS
  • Units 3 & 4 lessons are really easy to stretch if your students need more time on any of them

I also make quizzes and project presentations on the same day.

Hope this helps! And let me know if you need anything

I know a teacher who was taking maternity leave during the school year and starting AP CSP for the first time. She had Microsoft TEALS volunteers to teach the class not just while she was gone but for the whole school year so she had one less class to teach.