CS Discoveries Curriculum Pacing Help

Hi Everyone,

Newbie question here! I am slated to teach a trimester long (12-week) CS-1 (7th grade) using Code.org Discoveries next year, and then a follow up CS-2 (12-week 8th grade) class the following year at my intermediate school. Does anyone have a realistic pacing guide they could share with me, or point me to? I am hearing the Code.org recommended pace is WAY to fast, and I may not be able to fit the week long training into my summer schedule, so I am gearing up to now to get ready on my own. Any insights would be greatly appreciated! BTW…it’s not important that I cover everything in Discoveries…my HS wants some of it anyway to create a lower level class from their Principles class. I want to keep the kids engaged, excited and having fun!


Welcome to the Forum! The pacing question always comes up as Middle School’s across the country always have different schedules, times they meet with students and requirements (often times they need to teach basic computer skills too). While there is no “holy grail” for pacing guides - I recommend this post: Pacing Guides for CS Discoveries which has some ideas. As we are coming on the end of the year - hopefully people are reflecting on their year and able to offer some advice as well.

Hope that helps and let’s check back in one some more people might have chimed in on the forum will their suggestions,


My district has really gone out of its way to “milk” the CSD curriculum. We use units 1 & 2 for a semester course for all 7th graders (I add a third unit that I created on 3D design in that semester). This is required for all students. Unit 3 is used for an optional 9 week course for 8th graders and units 4-6 are used for an intro to CS course for 9 & 10th graders. This is a semester course there. This seems to prepare students very well for the AP CSP course for 11 & 12th graders. I hope this helps.