Discoveries-Divide curriculum for two grades?

I will be working in a new school next fall and will be teaching a semester of 7th grade and a semester of 8th grade. Has anyone taken the Discoveries curriculum and divided it before? In future years I could get them started with the curriculum in 7th and continue in 8th, but not this year. Also, is this curriculum able to sustain a full year or is it just a semester?

If all of the students are new to the curriculum, I would suggest doing semester 1 with both grades this year. Depending on the frequency and duration of your classes, you should be able to finish Unit 3. In future years, you could have your 8th graders do Units 4-6 (semester 2). You should have a class start with the second semester, even if they are older.
Hope that helps!

Thanks for your help. I have another question. I will be in a K-12 school with the possibility of teaching 5-12 grades. I’m not overly familiar with all the content here. Before I delve in, it would be handy to know if it is feasible to use Fundamentals–>Discoveries–>Principles and not have too much overlapping information? I believe I read that the curriculum is written age appropriately, so I wanted to make sure that I don’t have them get to 9th grade and say “we did all this last year”. (Does this make sense?)

The three courses you mention are meant to compliment each other without being redundant. At the same time, CSD and CSP don’t assume prior knowledge, meaning that CSF is not a pre-requisite. If you are trying to come up with a plan for 8 different grades, it will come down to how much time you have with students each year.
Without knowing anything about your schedule, I would likely do the CSF Express Course starting in grade 5.

Because I am teaching Discoveries every other day, I only got through Unit 1-3 in one year and am now teaching the last units this year. I think it will go just fine because they organized the units very well!

This is my plan as well. Do units 1-3 with 7th grade, and units 4-6 with 8th grade. My 8th graders did cover some of this last year but it was not highly organized. We will start with unit 1 in 8th grade too, but accelerate somewhat. I want them to really feel grounded in the problem-solving process.