6th-8th grade Guidance on how to progress students from one level to the next

I started my 6th-8th graders on Unit 1 of CS discoveries and I don’t want to have to start them over again starting in Unit 1 and progressing through, we didn’t even make it to the later Units during the school year. I just need some guidance on how to progress my students or if it is okay to start at Unit 1. There isn’t a definitive course just for 6th grade and they progress to 7th and 8th.

Hello, You can assign them the unit you want them to work in from your teacher dashboard. When you want to assign different groups different units, create different classes. You can assign each class something different or the same.

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If I’m reading your question correctly, it seems that you are teaching multiple grade levels and you’re trying to get the most out of the CSD curriculum. In doing so, you want to be able to start with the problem solving unit (unit 1) with each grade level. You may look more specifically at unit 1 chapter 1 and then look at each of the lessons that offer alternatives. This might allow you to get a little more mileage out of the curriculum over the course of several grade levels. This is all dependent on how much time you have with students at each grade level. I’m happy to help further if needed. I hope I’ve interpreted your question correctly.