Best Unit for 6th Grade?

Is there a teacher of 6th graders (11-12 year olds) who uses the full CSD course?

Discrepancies across regions aside, which of the CSD units are these students enjoy most?

The middle school CS teachers in my school district are determined the scope and sequence for 6th grade. We only have 9 weeks with the students each year, so we’ve spread out Units 1, 2, 4, and 6 across 7th and 8th grade.

Personally, I wouldn’t teach any of the later CSD units to 6th graders if they didn’t already have Unit 1.
I also think that students absolutely love Unit 3. Without knowing the duration or frequency of your classes, I might suggest something like this:

Grade 6 - Units 1 & 2
Grade 7 - Unit 3
Grade 8 - Units 4 & 6

If you don’t think you have time for all of that during your shorter windows, you could also consider keeping your current breakdown for 7th/8th and using the Express Course from CSF with your 6th graders.


We used the CS Course F for our 6th grade elective - they complete it in 1 semester (August-Dec.), then we switch to Scratch for the second half of the school year. I’d like to get training in CSD but the only place locally charges quite a bit for it. So, we’ll just make do with that we have.