23-24 CSP curriculum pacing guide

I was looking through the new 23-24 curriculum and noticed the change in the order of the units. I know there was a pacing guide in the past and I can’t seem to find it. I want to look at the course over the year and what should be done semester 1 vs semester 2


They moved the pacing guide to a calendar button in each unit. They did a lot of updates to the teacher management side of code.org this summer, I would take a look at the change log.

CSP Changelog ‘23-24.pdf (1.6 MB)

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I saw that in the first unit. But I wanted to get an overall picture of the entire year. Do they not have that anymore?

Not that I have seen, but I’ll check around and see if I cannot find one.

I went to each unit and did a screen shot and put it together on a google doc: code.org calendar 23-24 - Google Docs
I was hoping that code.org already had something like this created.


Thank you for sharing this!

Thank you so much for sharing lalamillo.

Has code.org updated their AP CSP curriculum? It had several gaps last year and needed to be supplemented with outside material to meet the AP course standards.

The assessment questions also are too easy and do not conform to the AP - style of questions .

What do others think?