Changes to CSP from last year

Is there a side-by-side comparison of topics/lessons from last year versus this year? I have been using lessons from ones I created last year and can’t find some of them in For instance, I can’t see the entire 2nd chapter of Unit 2 from last year. Does it exist any longer or was it moved to Unit 4?

@kselle There have been a number changes made to the CSP curriculum. One major change is curriculum versioning, where each school year annual versions of the course are released. You’ll notice on your dashboard the course is listed as Computer Science Principles ('18-'19) and last years version listed as CSP ('17-'18). Additionally, changes have been made to a number of units. These changes are based on teacher feedback. All changes are listed in the online CS Principles Curriculum Guide. You can find them here in Appendix C. Curriculum versioning, High level and Detailed changes are explained there. Unit 2 Chapter 2 has been relocated to Unit 4 and the Post AP Data Analysis unit. Please let us know if you have any other questions or concerns.

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@kselie we’ve actually added an Appendix to the Curriculum Guide for CS Principles, accessible at, where you’ll be able to read about changes to the curriculum both at a high level and in detail. I suggest going to check that out.


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