CS Principles roll-over to the next year

I am beginning teaching CS Principles next week (May 21, 2018), getting a five week start on next year’s teaching. I see that the sections I am currently creating are marked as Computer Science Principles ('17-'18). Will these sections and students (and their data) automatically roll-over to next year, or is there some action I need to take?

Any advice greatly appreciated!

Hi @matt.porteous,

That section (and students, and their data) will automatically roll-over to next year. You should be fine. Since code.org is always adjusting the curriculum based on student feedback, next year’s lessons/structure may look a bit different but the spirit of the course will be pretty stable.

Happy coding!

@matt.porteous I recommend that you look at studio.code.org/courses/csp-2018 which can be assigned to your section. You’ll also find it when you manage your sections from the teacher dashboard but you’ll need to scroll to the bottom. This is the 2018-2019 version of the curriculum. We’ll be doing a small amount of cleaning in the next few weeks but this will soon be the stable version of the CSP curriculum. We’re in the process of adding a lot of support explaining the change but the short answer is that progress from one year will not be reflected in the next. If you want the latest, greatest, stable version I’d start on that '18-'19 version.