Creation of classes now for 18/19



2018-19 will be the first year we are offering AP CSP.

I am wondering from my end (students will not be invited yet) if there would be any problem in creating the classes on now (any resets happen at the end of the year? Problems with classes created and then curriculum (units/lessons) changing)?

I want to get ahead of the game and start to create the classes now so there will be less work to do at the start of the next academic year which is my busiest time (from an admin perspective).




Hey @glenn.crane while you certainly could make your sections now I would say hold off. It only takes about 1 minute to create an empty section since there’s very few things to customize. Most of the work (which we do try to streamline) will be adding students. We haven’t released the 2018 versions of the curricula yet so you wouldn’t even be able to assign the correct course or set which lessons are visible / hidden.

Hope that helps!


Thank you for the response.

That is good to know. One of the aspects behind this was we send out notification of accepted students this week. Then we issue summer work in April (which I was hoping they could fill in the pre course survey).

Any idea of a roadmap for when 2018 curricula is going to be published?

Thanks again for your help,



We’re still working on timeline. When we have a better sense of when we’ll have updates available we’ll announce them in I think we’re looking to make the new version available in April / May but we’re still focused on making updates before finalizing a launch plan. We obviously will need it in time to share with PD’d teachers this summer but will try to make it available earlier if at all possible.