22'-23' curriculum

When does Code.org drop its new curriculum for the upcoming school year?

@mrietman The new curriculum is released very early during the summer.

What “big changes” are expected in the '22-23 AP CSP curriculum? Will code.org provide any kind of refresher training to existing AP CSP teachers who previously got trained on the previous curriculum?

Just FYI - I think the App Lab platform with its ability to create manage data uploads and data storage is a phenomenal resource. It gives students the ability to make authentic, real world apps.

I don’t know that this information is set in stone yet. I would expect to get the answer Mid-May.

Glad you like the tools! I’ll pass your message on to our curriculum/engineering teams :slight_smile:

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I am very interested in this too. I am just finishing up scoring the CSP AP’s and want to get my class ready to go for the fall. Thanks!

I see that APCSP for '22-'23 is still “Preview” - does anyone know when it will be finalized? Would it be safe to assume Unit 1 is finalized? I would love to dive in and start planning.

Thanks for any insights.

It should be anytime soon. Please write to support@code.org to get a better estimate.