Curriculum Changes for 17-18

Hey folks,

Are there going to be any significant curriculum changes during the 2017 to 2018 school year for CSP?

Just ruminating the possibilities!


Will get back to you on this. I have asked the team.

Nothing significant, no. There will be some facelifts to the website, new recommendations about when/where/how to start performance tasks and other pacing suggestions, and we’re prioritizing doing a pass over some assessment-related material. But overall no giant re-organization, cuts, or additions.

CSP Team


Thank you. I appreciate the work that you folks do.

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Thank you for the feedback on this – just the topic I was looking for. I am working on my Schoology account and was trying to do some rough scheduling so I wasn’t up against the wall so much with the Performance Tasks.I appreciate essentially “no changes” for next year.

I was very pleased with the curriculum this year, although I did intersperse the Units with mini-Units to break things up a little.This worked well, I believe.

As I have mentioned elsewhere in the Forum, I think the only real shortfall with was the lack of AP Exam prep materials. I used the material after trying a few other things, and this was fine. No need to reinvent the wheel, but Unit 6 just seemed to ignore the Exam. Some links would have been nice – but it may be uncomfortable to reference the course. The College Board material was great, but it doesn’t allow study outside of the classroom – and printing about 180 copies of a 128 page document next year might get me thrown out of the school.

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I’m planning on using Schoology and to teach AP CSP for the first time this year–mind sharing classroom resources with me (and perhaps offering me some pointers?). I’m very new to this and want to do a good job…

Welcome @rclang1, The forum is a great place to connect with other teachers and to share pointers and tips!

The new rubrics for the Performance Tasks were released on August 11. The task descriptions from the CED (purple book) did not change. I would anticipate some changes to the Practice PT rubrics to align with the updated versions and the materials in the AP Prep section will need to be updated to match the materials from the College Board (rubrics, exemplars).

Have a great year!