Pacing in Block Scheduling

In the past, I’ve had a lot of trouble balancing out getting through the whole curriculum in time for the AP exam. My school uses a rotating double drop schedule. Some weeks I’ll see my class 4 times a week, sometimes only 3 times depending on how the schedule falls. They’re 50 minute periods with a one hour period thrown in there before the drop.

Another issue is being in NJ, we start in early-September so we’re already short instruction time others in the country get.

Does anyone have the same issue and have an example of how they paced out the curriculum? Any tips? Thanks!

@tedesco.michael We start in September as well. Last year when we were remote, we only saw classes twice a week for 60 minute live classes. The rest was asynchronous, so I recorded my lessons and adjusted them such that they could be done individually, and they could do the lesson with the video on their own. So 2 live lessons and 2 async lessons a week (sometimes fewer for short holiday weeks)

Our other CSP teacher would basically do the lecture parts of 2 lessons during live class, then assign the activities for both lessons as async homework. Both of us were able to get through most things before Administration 3 of the exam with about 3 weeks of time for review. (I opted to save the presentations for the Unit 10 project for after the AP exam in favor of doing more review, he opted to shortcut parts of the project).

This year, since the exam is a month earlier, it will be a little tight, but my current schedule says it doable if you push the entire Unit 10 project to after the exam. There are threads here for recommendations of things to cut if you are short on time, for example, you could potentially shave off a day for some projects or skip some altogether/combine it with another.

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