Needed Software

In order to propose a course, my district would like to know what software the APCSP course requires. Right now I’m thinking of the following. Is there anything else you use that I should know about?

Adobe Creative Suite/Cloud (dreamweaver, flash, photoshop, and a lot more)

hi, chris!

there are lots of approaches to teaching CSP, and one could certainly use the tools you’ve listed above. the college board doesn’t prescribe any specific tools or software for teaching the course (the AP test at the end is language agnostic), so you can really use whatever resources you think make the most sense.

if you plan to follow the CSP curriculum, then the only software you’ll need is a modern web browser (ideally chrome). we’ve built all of our curriculum and tools into our learning environment, called code studio, which means you don’t have to install anything to use it!

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Thanks! Question…after reading the curriculum (which is really cool by the way), I noticed that it briefly mentioned teacher training opportunities. Are there any training opportunities coming up?

we do offer a blended professional learning program through our partner districts!

What does our district need to do to officially offer the curriculum version of the AP Computer Science Principles class for next year?

There’s an application process outlined here. The list of qualifications is listed here and the interest form is here.

Hi Brook I met you a few years ago at UVA. I just was approved by my district to offer AP CSP for 2016-17. I planned to use your course. Do I need to fill out an application if it’s just me and plan to do my own professional development? I see applications are closed anyway.

hi, carol-- so excited that you’re teaching csp next year!

you don’t have to apply or be a part of any pd cohort in order to use the curriculum. that said, if you want to get on the waitlist to join a professional development workshop (since you’re not in a partner district), feel free to fill out this form.

regardless of if you do our pd, you should definitely complete this form so you can get a teacher-only access to answer keys.

My school is planning to offer AP CSP next year, probably using system. We need to plan for the hardware that we need. I haven’t been approved to the code studio yet. Will any of it run on tablets?

Hi Elizabeth! The tools used for’s CSP curriculum are all in-browser tools (and work in IE9+, Chrome, Firefox, and Safari), but are not designed to run on tablets. Both the Internet Simulator (used in Units 1 and Units 2) and App Lab (programming environment used in Units 3 and 4) rely on having a mouse and keyboard to function.

Hope that helps!

Thanks Brooke. I am going to start using the lessons second semester. I am interested in the workshops and requested to be on the waitlists. When do you think those on the waitlists will hear? In other words, could it be the week before or will you know how many openings within the next month or so.

because there will be travel involved in getting to TeacherCon we’ll try to give as much advanced notice as possible about open slots for people on the waitlist! it definitely won’t be the week before, but it will likely be a month or two before we are able to open slots to the waitlist. thanks for understanding :smile:

Thanks Brook! I am crossing my fingers a spot opens up for me. I am trying out the class this semester and would love to share my findings not only by the forum but in person at a workshop. It will also clear up my many questions and see if I have interpreted the directions correctly. How good are my odds and are we getting any closer to hearing soon? I know you all must be getting lots of requests and is there any talk in having more workshops? Happy March!

we won’t be able to add another workshop, but we do anticipate being able to take a few folks off the waitlist in april!

Sarah I have been using the code studio and it’s great! One suggestion. Any thoughts on adding a way to sort students by last name? Thanks!

Hi Carol, which view of students are you looking at specifically?

Thank you! Yes, unfortunately there isn’t a great built in way to do this right now. One possible workaround would be (and this would only work for text responses at the moment) to click the Download as CSV button, and then manually edit or add a column just for last name that you can sort by. Not an ideal option, but it may save you a bit of time if you’re looking to grade in a particular order.


When I look at student’s code studio, I see that when they complete a later block, all previous blocks take on the same code. Is this correct? I want to see if they understood the previous exercises but can’t since the code in those exercises are from a final stage.

Hi, Bryan here from the product team! Just released today: you can now sort by last name on the Manage Students tab, the Progress Table, and the teacher panel. See this newly-updated support article for more details: