's AP CSP meets Computer Science Textbook

Does anyone use a textbook alongside’s curriculum? If so, what does your curriculum mapping look like (chapters & lessons from the textbook w/’s units, pacing, etc.)? What textbook? Would you be willing to share this information?

I was thinking about using Computer Science Illuminated. I have a copy of this particular text and can be creative in presenting/duplicating the material to/for students and also align the book to this curriculum.

AP CSP spans three trimesters at the school I teach at, so I want to provide additional learning opportunities for students and feel a text will be a good medium, especially for an AP course.

I would like to look into this as well. The teacher that was to teach this class left our school and I have been asked to step in because it is in my department.

I’m currently working on aligning a text myself to’s curriculum and will forward what I gather to you when I finish. I’m not sure when, though! I’m in the middle of remodeling my kitchen!

If all else fails, I taught this course using mostly materials last school year. You could do the same! Just follow their plans and supplement slightly. Overall, I had good pass results, but felt the code’s curriculum was a little underwhelming for a course designed “AP”. I figured the textbook and supplements would increase content breadth and depth for this school year.

For the record, I’m currently aligning to the 6th edition CS Illuminated textbook since I got my hands on teacher resources for the text, including the text itself in .pdf.



Thank you for responding! I am trying to follow the lesson plans but some students are feeling a bit bored at the speed of the content. When you are grading, that is all your information correct? Are we submitting anything elsewhere
to show progress? I appreciate any help or advice because this is completely foreign to me.

Thanks and have a great night!

I agree! The students feel a bit bored, which is why I’m supplementing significantly more this year.

This is what I recommend, based on my experiences thus far:

  1. Use code’s curriculum and supplement where you can. If you find a topic watered down, supplement. For example, I find Code’s modular arithmetic section watered down too much. I still have students complete the activity, but I lectured to supplement and provided my own handout.

  2. Code’s lesson plans have extension exercises, readings, etc. near the bottom of their lesson plan pages. I almost always assign most of this additional “optional” content.

  3. As far as grading, don’t worry too much about it. I give participation grades for the activities completed (make sure you check student progress on code’s website to ensure they actually complete the activities correctly, or during class, or however you’d like) and classwork grades for the accompanying paperwork (which I just check for completeness).

  4. Follow code’s curriculum, but look at the CS illuminated textbook and supplement using this resource where you feel necessary. Some content, even though it may not be on the AP test, is so important to learn in a principles course. I find Code actually leaves this content out, but personally find it necessary to cover for a principles course (this also increases rigor and will please our level of student).

Let me know if you have any other questions! I have lots of resources from last school year (quizzes, handouts, tests, etc.). Please reach out!


Jordan Williams