AP Classroom and code.org

This is my first year teaching, how do I match code.org with AP Classroom? What do I use in AP Classroom to supplement what I am teaching in code.org?

Hi @mfulmore23 ,

I apologize in advance for not being familiar with AP Classroom.

I believe it’s some resource from College Board that among other things, provides a bank of practice exam questions teachers can assign to students? If there are other things, I’m unfamiliar with what those other things are.

The code-dot-org curriculum for AP Computer Science Principles aligns with the Course and Exam Description, so to put very loosely, code-dot-org’s CSP curriculum “goes together” with AP Classroom’s resources on that same course, CSP. By following the code-dot-org curriculum, a student should be prepared to do well on the practice questions.

The code-dot-org curriculum includes assessments for your students, but you can supplement with questions from AP Classroom for additional AP-exam-like questions.

There is no direct link but I can tell you bit about how I am using AP Classroom. At the end of each unit I go into AP Classroom. I build a quiz based on “Topic.” I find the topic list is at a level where I can more easily match questions to what I just taught. Once you chose the topics, you can look at the list of filtered questions and find those that best match. I also toss in a few from previous topics. I avoid the ones with the shield. Those require a lockdown browser and we don’t have that. Hope that helps some.