Adding which AP Classroom Topic Questions are associated with a Unit/Lesson

I noticed you have the Progress Checks associated with each unit, but it would be helpful if you would also add which AP Classroom Topic Questions are associated with a Unit/Lesson

Yes, I agree that would be extremely helpful. It is probably more difficult since the curriculum doesn’t follow the college board’s units. You probably can’t ask any of the questions for unit 1 because it is so entry level. Most other curriculums follow the AP curriculum grouping and it makes it easier to select questions, but I have hope that the curriculum will get us there!

@hermes_abrantes - Thanks for posting this inquiry. There is a mapping to the AP topics in Appendix B of the Curriculum Guide,. Computer Science A Curriculum Guide 2022-2023 - Google Docs

Please let us know if this helps answer your question.


@hermes_abrantes to add on to Sylvia’s response, Unit 1 in’s CSA is really there to set a very strong foundation for students when it comes to object orientated programming. Because of the structure of the Unit and the structure of the College Board, I would consider waiting until Unit 2 to assign some of the Topic Questions and Progress Checks. While it is possible to find questions that are appropriate for students in Unit 1, it will take some digging (as you have probably noticed). After Unit 1, it will become easier to find questions that align to what students are learning.