AP CSP Objectives by unit and lesson

This is the curriculum map that I created that maps code.org’s curriculum with the AP CED’s topics, and learning objectives, and which lessons they go with. I did not add down to the EK level, but thought this might be useful for others.


Thank you! Super helpful.

Thank you so much! When I manage to make something this useful, I promise to post!

I am a newbie, please clarify - these discrepancies in order of Objectives are made for what reason? I understand it corresponds to AP CED, my question is is it really necessary, could we just use " Computer Science Principles ('22-'23) Standards" from (http://studio.code.org/courses/csp-2022/standards)?

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Hello! You absolutely can, however this document did not create the level of specificity I needed; and also includes CSTA standards, which are not as relevant to me. The highest level of utility I see with this document is it’s ability to match the lesson to the topic (and AP Classroom has topic questions that we can use). It helps me to have it mapped out in this way as well - I hope it helps you, too!

This is amazing!! Thanks so much!