Grading Individual Lessons

So we’ve been trucking along here in our first year of teaching this course. I was wondering what other teachers do for grading? What I mainly grade are the end-of-unit projects and the unit assessments, but I want to know how other teachers handle the individual lessons. I used to go through every student’s work on individual levels, but that is insanely time consuming and difficult. I’m interested in any and all pieces of advice! Thank you.

Personally, I choose a level that I think demonstrates the key goal of the lesson and do a scan through that level for each student, and then give them a quick note or feedback on it. I also find peer review to be really helpful in terms of making sure that students are getting feedback and suggestions without draining all of the hours of my life (and because then they get used to believing that their peers have the solutions and they shouldn’t just ask me!)

In terms of grading I am using standards based grading this year, so I don’t put individual assignments or lessons in my gradebook. I have in the past used a more points-based system and then I graded the Make lessons and projects.