SBG - Standards Based Grading

This is my first year with and I’m trying to figure out Standards Based Grading. Does anyone successfully implement this grading system? Would you be willing to share any insight?

Historically, I’d make a rubric for each of the big ideas.

I’m thinking about how to approach the rubrics and I’ll share what I come up with.

In my gradebook, I have a separate topic for each standard (big idea) where only assessments/unit projects impact the topic grade. Then topics are averaged to create the course grade. This is the expectation at my district.

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There are standards at the bottom of each lesson plan. I have convinced my administration that using the essential knowledge statements in the CED makes more sense, Those are also included in the lesson plans. Here’s the info included in Unit 1 Lessons 7:

In my grading system I would map that lesson to DAT-1.A - Explain how data can be represented using bits.