Scoring rubrics for each Lesson?

I have been a verified teacher since 2014 and have taught K-6 for 17 years. I was “dropped” into AP CS A the day before school started and delayed two full weeks by restrictions to Google Third-Party Apps. I finally have things moving smoothly (considering), but I’m looking for help with scoring rubrics for any/all activities in the AP curriculum.

@kknouse - Hi Kathie - thank you for posting to the forum. I totally understand your circumstances. My first year teaching AP CSP, I was thrown into the deep end. I was thankful that has many great resources. If you are in the lesson plan, there should be some KEYS under the teacher section.

If you are in a codling level, there are examples for most of them. You can find them under the “For Teacher Only” section.


Please let us know if you have any additional questions. The Forum is a great place to get helpful tips and additional resources.


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Hi @kknouse, that is wonderful you have been so experienced with! I’m glad they got the 3rd party apps figured out. Specific rubrics can be found attached to the project guides for the end of unit projects. This is the one for unit 1.