ISO Rubric for board events project (unit 6 )

In search of a comprehensive rubric for unit 6 lesson 9 board events project. Has anyone created a rubric that I can borrow or use as a guide?



I just moved your post to the Unit 6 Lesson 9 category, might want to check through Unit 6 resources as well. As Unit 6 is challenging for some people to get through, materials might not be readily available. I know a lot of MS teachers did units 1/2/3 last year and doing 4/5/6 this year so more materials might become available.


Thank you. Not sure where it ended up. Thought I put it in CSD unit 6. It really isn’t a question about loops. It is the board events project. I went back in and edited my original post to reflect this. Also seems the board project is listed as 6.11 in the community, but in the program it is lesson 9. Oh well.

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I’d love to see what other people have created, other that the regular unit rubric from

I converted the statements from the rubric into a simple 4 point scoring guide
U6L10 Scoring Guide

Our school divides up our gradebook into expected schoolwide learning results, which is why I categorized some statements as written communication vs. curricular literacy.

Unit 6 Lesson 11.14.docx (23.6 KB)