CSD Unit 3 Lesson 25 Rubric?

Is there a rubric for CSD Unit 3 Lesson 25 (Game Design Process)?
If not, is anyone out there willing to share one?

Thank you!


Hi @jwilson25,

For Lesson 25, there is no rubric. The primary outcome for the lesson is that students can “Implement different features of a program by following a structured project guide”. You are probably aware but in the lesson plan, there is a completed project guide students are to follow to assist in completing the game. The assessment for Lesson 25 is then their response to a prompt about how the project guide helped them complete the project.

Then, in Lesson 26, students are asked to complete a project guide to build a platformer game. There is a rubric in Lesson 26 activity 17 (as long as you have a student selected in your teacher panel). Perhaps you could take a look at that rubric or someone may post here with a created rubric.



Thanks for your explanation.

I appreciate your help.


John Wilson

Computer Science & Math Teacher

Park Slope Collegiate