Rubric for Design a Game

Is anyone willing to share a rubric that they’ve created for their students in their district for this project? I would love to see!

I would love to have one as well!

Hi @michelle.brunikand @pamcreates11 - Hopefully as some people get to this unit they can share their own rubrics but I just wanted to make sure you were aware of the rubric in the curriculum as a starting point. It can be found on the lesson plan at in the Links section.



Here is a rubric I created (I made it based on the rubric). My school grades on a standards based scale, so that is what the categories are labeled in the left-hand column. After I already presented it to the class I wished that I had added some part in for creativity - ex. you can only score a 3 if your game is just a remake of lesson 20 or 21…

Can you either email me a copy of this file so I can edit it or can you share the Google Docs Link so I can make a copy?

Thank you