Competency-based Grading

Good afternoon. My school is fully CBG on all courses and I am looking for insight if anyone else has created/done this already for the CSP class. I am trying not to reinvent the wheel entirely…

And how to incorporate the various content and skills??

Thanks, in advance, for any insight.

Hi Colin,

I’d love to collaborate with you on this! I’m working to transition to CBG, but don’t have a solid solution by any means. Here’s the beginnings of a rubric I’ve been dabbling with for the Internet unit. At the moment, its just got a few standards/competencies and the CSP framework statements that relate to them are in the section below. My half-baked vision is to highlight the ones we’ve talked about in class so that as the unit continues students should expect to address any of the highlighted items from the framework. I also have some writing/soft skills competencies at the bottom given that students are going to have to write protocols and I want some structure to their journals.

I’d love to know what you/others have in mind as well!