How do I grade each lesson effectively?

Hello fellow teachers!

I have been trying to figure out an efficient, effective way to grade the students progress, particularly, Units 2 and 3. Any tips, pointers, musings are greatly appreciated.

First off, welcome to the forum! I love the idea of sharing these scoring tips, points, musings and more!

I really like the new (as of last year) assessment levels. They assess students on the main skill of the level. It’s so easy to flip through each student’s work using the teacher tray in Web Lab and App Lab. I will do that and have my grade book open in another tab on split screen or record it on a paper class list (old school).

What do other people do?

So you grade each lesson based on the assessment portion only?

I typically require that they do all the levels, but then I spot check them. Usually, it’s an assessment level I check, but not always. I found when I told them I was only going to check a specific lesson, a lot of kids would skip most of the levels and only do the one that was graded. By not telling them exactly which one I was going to grade, they had to do them all.


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I do sort of a mix between the assessment levels and what @mwood said. It really depends on the make up of the class, how involved I was in completing the work (was I already looking over shoulders to assess understanding or did they work independently), and my goals for the lesson. I just like that the assessment levels are so specific to the lesson objective. It answers the “did they get it” question.