Check Mark Levels

I just realized students can see the check marks too. Is this a good idea for completing the entire lesson? I was hoping I could use this level for assessing the entire lesson but with students seeing the checkmark, they may not bother with the rest. Now I am not talking about all students but unfortunately kids will be kids and try to take shortcuts. Could we turn that off for them? Thanks!

I see your point of view; however, I don’t believe you can turn off the check marks in the levels. It has been my experience so far with the checkmarks that the students had to do much of the work leading up to the check mark level in order to be successful. It only benefits them. Perhaps that is your point but hopefully most students will want to do well enough to do the work leading up to that level.

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Yes, and to piggyback onto that, the checkmarks for most levels in CSD only exist as a check for completion. Because there are so many ways to solve each level successfully, the system has no way to check for correctness. So unfortunately for your students, you will have to go in and look at their individual responses if you wish to check whether they are satisfying the prompt given.

Does anyone else on here have strategies for how they pick & choose which levels to assess?

–Michael K.

Code added the checkmarks this year to suggest to teachers could use these bubbles as assessments.

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Hi Carol,

Right now there is no ability to turn off the purple check marks that indicate an assessment level.

The levels are intended check for a particular learning objective as indicated in the lesson plan. A student’s ability to complete the assessment level successfully according to the given rubric should indicate that they’ve mastered the learning objective. If you’re find that’s not the case, I’d love to hear more about your experiences so we can take them into account on our next round of revisions. You can message me here or contact me through’s support system.


Hi Elizabeth

Thanks for your response. I think the checkmark levels are great. As a facilitator for CSP and having taught that course for 5 years, it will definitely help new teachers decide what to assess. That is the number one question I hear from new teachers. I guess I was thinking I wanted to use these levels without students knowing, especially the coding levels that have checkmarks. I feared on some of the longer lessons that students would just press finish on all the other bubbles and only complete the checkmark levels. One solution would be to not tell them I am assessing only the checkmark levels. Of course, this does not include projects. I am curious what other teachers think about the checkmark levels, and if they have begun using them as assessment. Again, thank you for reaching out!