Stage Completion


It appears that during unit 3 students can just click finish and not really work through the instructions for each little bubble. Is this how it is supposed to work? I was grading them for completing the exercises. Doesn’t CSP have some kind of checks and balances?


Unlike the elementary courses and Hour of Code activities, most of the exercises in the 6-12 courses do not automatically check student work. This is because there are nearly endless possible correct answers. For example, there is no one correct way to draw a cloudy sky. The teacher will need to go through each student’s work to determine if they are meeting expectations. Pressing “finish” is a way for students to indicate their progress to the teacher and to themselves. It shouldn’t be used to as a means for skipping the work.


Thanks for the response. I thought the CS-Principles there was some checks. Maybe I am wrong…

Not sure what the back end looks like, but I was thinking they could check for some requirements…


Hi @amsistek,

Mike is correct that unlike the Hour of Code activities the green bubble means something different in CS Discoveries and CS Principles. Generally all the green bubble means is finish. In CS Principles there are some levels that have certain checks going on in the background but even those don’t always guarantee that the work is correct. It may just check that they used a certain type of block.

Since CS Discoveries is still under development we have not added any validation to the levels. Many of the pilot teachers have instead found success with telling their students that they would be randomly picking certain levels from each lesson to check and grade. This requires checking the students work on a couple of levels but since CS Discoveries is highly creative we think this may continue to be necessary for many levels indefinitely.

Hope that helps!



I find it quite useful to look in on student coding at various steps. There is a lot I can garner from looking at their coding that a green dot (with or without verification) can tell me. My practice is to go to a step they have completed and look through every student’s work using the pop-out side bar tool. There can be some interesting things to learn by just doing this on a couple of steps in each stage.


All great ideas. Thanks for sharing. I will definitely be spot checking from now on. I was assuming that if the students progressed through the material they had a good grasp on the concepts, but that was obviously a bad assumption.

I also sometimes assigned a rubric to the final stage like stage 9 bubble 15.