Has anyone yet mapped to CSTA Standards (2017)


Dear Teachers,

I was wondering if anyone has mapped the CSP curriculum to the CSTA 2017 standards. The current standards available are from 2011.

Thank you!


Hey there @tsampson it’s of course possible other teachers have done this. I just wanted to let you know that we here on the Code.org team had seen and recorded your request. It’s not work we’ve started yet and we’re heads down right now making other updates to the curriculum, but it’s something we intend to eventually do.

Hope that helps,


Thanks GT,

Yes, I am hoping that someone from the community has already mapped and I can use that as a starting point.



I have a document from Project Lead the Way that maps all of the common core English, math, reading, writing, next gen science, and some history standards to the AP computer science principles course. It’s massive, about 160 pages if I recall correctly, so I didn’t include or link it. I know it’s not exactly the same as what you asked for but if you’d like it I can email it to you.


I would love a copy of the document if you are willing to send it.