CSTA & ISTE Standards mapping progress?

Is anyone at Code.org working on this? We’re starting to get push back from building admin because we’re teaching to “old” standards. Our district would be happy to help but it wouldn’t be official mapping from the publishers etc. This is a big missing piece of teacher support that’s becoming a bit urgent.

Is there any documentation of CSTA 2011 to CSTA 2017 and CSTA to ISTE? If at least these are available, it would help us map the curriculum to the new standards.

Looking for the same.

@ahanlombardi Thank you for posting this question. It has been referred to the code.org curriculum team. You should receive a response very soon.

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Looking for this as well Please

I have asked that code.org support respond to this article.

I am here to report that updates have been made to standards mapping. Huzzah!

Here is the complete list of standards mappings (2011 CSTA, CSP, 2017 CSTA): https://curriculum.code.org/csp-18/standards/

The standards can also be found at the bottom of each individual lesson plan.

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Wow that was a quick response! Thanks!

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Thanks for this.

Can you help us with finding the CSTA to ISTE Mapping as we use the ISTE standards to map our curriculum?

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