CS Discoveries Standards? & Course Design


Hey rock stars,

This week a team of middle school computer science teachers hashing out our standards. Does anyone have standards (or draft standards!) that you’re using for “learner centered assessment” (our spin off of standards based grading")?


  • We have 6th through 8th graders for 9 weeks each school year.
  • We are at 7 different buildings in our district.
  • We're leaning towards either:
    • Roll out 2 CSD units each year.
    • 6th grade: MS Office, typing, & video production 7th: CSD Unit 1 & CSD Unit 2 8th: CSD Unit 3
    In either case, by the end of 2-3 years all 6 Code.org CSD units would be part of our MS CS sequence.

Read so far:

  • We like what we're seeing in the [K12 CS framework](https://k12cs.org/framework-statements-by-grade-band/#jump-6-8), but are a bit intimidated to take it all on at once.
  • I already saw @josh's framework for Washington state over on [this thread](http://forum.code.org/t/has-anyone-created-frameworks-for-cs-discoveries/7455).


I don’t know what timeline you need this for, but the CSTA should be releasing their finalized standards at their conference in 2 weeks, after which we’ll work adding standards alignment information to lesson plans. We expect to cover all of the standards in level 2 (grades 6-8) , and a good chunk of level 3A (grades 9-10)


Just a quick update, I’ve completed a first draft of mapping to the CSTA level 2 standards - you can see it at curriculum.code.org/csd/standards/

This map still needs to be reviewed by the rest of the team, and we haven’t yet started mapping to other standards framworks (common core, NGSS, ISTE), but it’s a start.


Hi Josh
Are the standards listed on curriculum link from the Interim CSTA Standards? My district is pretty strict with linking lesson plans to standards (lucky me). We have a program PlanBook that uploads the standards but I can’t find the wording and numbers you have. On PlanBook it’s listed as CSTA 2017. Any help you can give would be great. Thank you :slight_smile:


@crobison Hi Colleen,

If you scroll down to the bottom of each lesson plan on curriculum.code.org, the CSTA standards covered by the lesson are listed. I’m not sure whether this is what you’re looking for. If not, just let us know and we’ll get back to you.