CS Discoveries curriculum

I’m working on curriculum map for CSD. Is there a resource somewhere that has essential questions, objectives, benchmarks, etc. listed so that I don’t have to reinvent the wheel?

Hi @dholte,

Let’s see if I can help point you in the right direction…

  • Question of the Day can be found in the lesson plans in the Overview section as well as the slides for each Unit.

  • Objectives for each lesson are in the lesson plans in the Objectives section.

  • Not sure what you mean by benchmarks but there is a standards alignment section HERE. The top half of the page are learning frameworks but as you scroll down - you will find alignments to CSTA standards.

  • So that you don’t have to open each lesson plan, each unit has a “All Lesson PDF” once you open one lesson plan. You could then search for question of the day and objectives for each lesson in the unit in one document.

Lesson plans and slides are available to verified teachers.

Hope that helps!

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I’ll check those out. Thank you so much!