AP Classroom and Code.org’s CSA

I’ve been teaching AP CS-A for a few years, previously used CSAwesome and always assigned practice question in AP Classroom, which were aligned with the curriculum.

I’m enjoying Code.org’s CSA curriculum but haven’t been able to figure out how best to use AP Classroom. I tried to assign some questions that aligned with the Unit 1 learning objectives, but they generally included lots of other Java topics so I was afraid my students would freak out.

It might just be something that had to wait until later in the year. But curious if anyone has had luck finding questions that align well with Unit 1 but don’t contain much other prior knowledge.

Hi, I’m glad to hear that you are enjoying the CSA curriculum!

It sounds like you are aware of how to find out which standards align to the curriculum from the unit overview pages (For example unit 1’s is here) but are finding the AP questions that line up to unit 1 might be more challenging than what your students are ready for. I have found this to be the case for my students at this point of the year.

Much of what is introduced in unit 1 is a taste of topics that will be covered in more depth in later units. I am choosing to hold off on assigning AP questions during unit 1, and will start assigning resources from AP classroom during unit 2 when students have more in depth knowledge about how to write classes.

As others read this post, I’m interested in hearing how/ if others use AP classroom resources during unit 1 and in the first months of the year.



The curriculum guide has mapped lessons to AP topic questions in Appendix B which may be a helpful resource.


Unit 1 seems like a variety of topics. Hopefully the next units will group some major concepts together. I have never used a curriclum that starts with inheritance in the first unit, but I am open. Several lesssons in to to get to do a println.

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@choster you are right! As a teacher, I avoided topic questions and progress checks in Unit 1 because Unit 1 covers a variety of topics that create a strong foundation for future learning but are difficult to align to the College Board. I found I needed to spend a lot of time picking out the perfcet questions in AP Classroom that it wasn’t worth it, personally, for my time.

That being said, I think you will find that future units are much easier to pick questions for. But please let us know how you end up using AP Classroom in your class too! We love hearing others’ ideas!

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