Units Crosswalk to AP CSP Units

Is there a crosswalk for the units from the CSP curriculum to the AP CSP College Board information to help with creating exams in College Board? I went through selecting the Learning Objectives, Topics, etc that matched using the Lesson Plans however the questions that resulted did not match up with the curriculum. Certain units (such as Unit 3) are very difficult when trying to create an exam on College Board.

When you go to a lesson plan there’s a button to view the full standards, which will take you here if you click on it. This is perhaps what you were already looking at, but is the best ‘crosswalk’ that I think exists right now.

Unit 3 in particular is going to be difficult because it is a lot of foundational information about design and the tool AppLab that students will be using for the create task. In my mind, I think of this more as unit “create preparation” than something to test in the form of multiple choice.