Unit 3 and Unit 5 coding answers on YouTube

This is my 4th year to teach AP Computer Science Principles using the excellent code.org curriculum. This is the first year I have discovered students turning in code in Units 3 and 5 that is identical to the exemplar code provided to the teachers. My students confessed to finding a YouTube video that provided the exemplar code answer and a complete walk through of the programming process.

I am very frustrated by this and I do not understand why any teacher would post the answers to any of the code.org curriculum on a public, easily searchable forum such as You Tube.

My very strong request is to pull this material down to maintain the integrity of student experiential learning while using the excellent curriculum of code.org. The biggest lesson the students can learn while coding is code - test - revise. When the answers are readily available this code - test - revise lesson is a mute point.

Please keep the integrity of the curriculum for code.org in tact and do not post answers for students to easily find.

I completely agree with this – it is incredibly frustrating. I love Code.org but can’t possibly continue to use many aspects of the curriculum because some teachers chose to post such detailed answers.