Fuller Explanations (teachers)

This is my first year teaching AP CSP, having taught some similar courses previously.

I was wondering if it was possible for code.org to give fuller explanation to teachers for the CYU (Check Your Understanding) questions. When we review these questions students often have very good questions, and at times we I have answers off the top of my head. Other times it takes some research. For example Unit 1 Lesson 12 bubble 7 (I know lesson 13 goes into some of these in a bit more detail (not specifically but implicitly))

I just wondered if it was possible for code.org to have fuller answers in the blue (Teachers) box - rather than just stating the correct answer. Would definitely be helpful for enquiring minds :slight_smile:

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Hi @glenn.crane,

I think that’s a great idea! It can be so hard to know what the “right amount” of information is on any one of those questions. I also love how you modeled the “lead learner” approach there when the stated answer isn’t enough. Unfortunately, even the largest blue box to fit on the screen probably isn’t enough to get ALL of students’ questions! I think your approach now is great! I will also bubble up the ask to the curriculum writers. They might be able to put some curated resources in that area too.

Thanks again!