Students Copying all their code from YouTube

I have found that a large amount of my AP CSP students and my CSD students are using YouTube to copy almost all of their work.

This YouTube playlist has just about every single level for every lesson on
The worst part is that a couple of my students used code from this YouTube channel for their entire program they submitted to the College Board.

What can I do about this? How do I have a discussion with my students about copying other people’s work vs. finding the help they need online? I am really struggling with this since we are not in a classroom anymore.

It’s sad that students don’t understand the repercussions of plagiarism. I struggle with copying and cheating in both CSP and CSA. I have given up on giving them credit for assignments.

Since a couple of your students have submitted copied code as part of their Create PT and have not cited the youtube channel as their source, you should probably let College Board know and flag those students.

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Also please report posted answers to and they’ll try to work with the content hosts to remove the answers. You can email

I agree with Sangeeta, and I believe College Board actually states that one of teachers’ responsibilities is to flag submissions for plagiarism and cite the evidence.

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The first thing I did was flag them to the College Board. I am more wondering how I can better help keep my students engaged with the content when there are so many ways to easily get answers with a Google search. Many new computer programers fresh out of college get a shock when they join the workforce and discover they can’t just get answers from and youtube anymore. So many of my students lost their will to engage with the material since our safer-at-home orders. I don’t blame them. But I want to help them.

It’s sad to know that some students do not understand the importance of learning and why plagiarism is not a good idea. Especially now that local and international schools are advised to do online teaching, students get more access to information which they think is better since it will save them time from solving the tasks that they are asked to.

Now that some of your students copied and submitted answers from a certain source, you may want to address your concern through the College Board.