Can Kurt Kaiser be blocked on youtube?

It is frustrating the Kurt Kaiser has posted video tutorials for every assignment in CS Principles. Part of coding is to be creative and learn how to work through struggle. But students are going to his tutorials and then not going through the learning process themselves. I am not giving credit to students who make assignments that are similar to his, but it is still very frustrating.


There might be something could do in terms of a legal challenge on a copyright basis. Youtube is often overzealous when faced with a copyright claim.

I watched one of the videos. It didn’t look like there was much instruction there, just spoilers for cash.

Thank you for sharing this information here. I just watched this video that he created for lesson 17.4 - the interactive card. Now I would do the same thing with my students in my class. I walk them through the exercise with a sample theme and then let them practice on their own. I would watch for duplicate themes from students to signal copy/paste. I feel this might be considered another resource that students can look at. Some of my students really could use good videos like these to get their creative juices flowing. As long as he has not posted the assessments online, I say use his time and resources.

OK, I take that back. The challenges are also worked out here. Those could have been used in formative assessments.

Agreed. I don’t think he should have posted videos for the final projects. Those are meant for students to be creative and think of their own ideas. Now I need to tell all my students that anything close to what he does is not allowed for a final project.

Generally does their bet to get assessment solutions taken offline, but I’m not sure how folks will feel about the projects - particularly given that a lot of teachers are trying to find unique tools for supporting their students who are stuck at home. I’ll make sure that the curriculum team has this on their radar.

I was looking through the forum for a place to post a complaint about Kurt Kaiser’s channel and came across this thread. I posted a comment to one of his videos asking him to make them private. If students can see the solutions to everything, they will learn nothing! I also sent a message to in a email asking if there was anything they could do about his channel. I really hope my students don’t stumble upon it!