Kurt Kaiser - youtube page giving answers

Is there a way to get Kurt Kaiser to take down his youtube walk-throughs? Some of the kids just copy off of it, and it’s honestly too much on me as a teacher to track it. Is the code.org material copyrighted? If so, him posting is probably copyright infringement. Perhaps if he had hints and tricks instead of giving the full answers, that would be a better option.

Personally as a former student now teacher in this section, the tutorial videos helped me when I didn’t know what was going wrong. There was usually a simple fix and that was all that I needed a youtube video :slight_smile:

I second this. It’s really frustrating as something like the Decision Making App is NOT a formative assessment. If it was something formative, I wouldn’t mind students getting help, but the Decision Making App is supposed to be something summative, is it not?

I hope Code.org is able to figure something out in regards to this!

Code.org knows about this, but unfortunately they cannot do much except request the teacher to make the videos private. I have started to use these videos as examples in my own classes and let students use it as a guide. That way they don’t submit the exact same app for their project.

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